HW monitor

About HW monitor

    I'm a HW Support and used cacti, zabbix, but they are too "strong", sometimes I just want to know server "worked fine", and show me a basicly load-average chart, that's enough.

    And the other hand, I need run command (like: "top", "iostat", "date" etc.) remotely and show it out to the webpage.

    The hwmonitor(writen in C) is a simple daemon, you can define some command-name(like: "hw_iostat = iostat -x"), telnet to this daemon and input your def-command(like: hw_iostat), hwmonitor will return the info.


    And hwclient(include in this project, writen in C) connect to hwmonitor, input a define command-name to get server load-average and IO-idle each 60 seconds(you can change it) into a text file.

    hwgraphic (include in this project, writen in PHP) read the text file(generated by hwclient) and show the load-average chart and IO-idle chart.

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